The geography of our company's services is extensive, we provide our services in Kazakhstan, USA, Australia, Israel, Hong Kong
for 7 years our company has achieved great results
representing our products abroad, developing demanded products and solutions, participating in global conferences and having more than 1500 clients in Kazakhstan and abroad
TOP 10 Projects in the world
Our project was included in the top 15 projects in Europe according to StartUp Avalanche and in the top 10 projects according to the fourth accelerator in the world, StartUpBootCamp Energy Australia, sponsored by Amazon and Cisco
Successfully completed projects
in more than 10 states, we have an extensive partner network of such giants as SBC, Energy Australia, VCA, etc.
Our mission is to turn client's ideas into turnkey profitable solutions.

  • Client's trust
    We maintain the reputation of a reliable company, strive to earn the trust of our customers and partners, build long-term relationships with them on the principles of honesty and mutual respect.

  • Ease of communication
    We understand the importance of ease and speed of communication, therefore, in the company, bureaucracy is reduced to nothing, it is customary to communicate on "you", and the management is always available to resolve any issues.

  • Focus on results
    It is important for us to achieve our goals within the given time frame. This becomes possible thanks to effective teamwork and the responsibility of all participants in the process for the final result.
  • Mutual Aid

    The basis of our relations is mutual understanding and support, because by helping each other, we improve ourselves.
We specialize in branding, illustration, graphic design and web. We keep pace with innovations and integrate the latest technologies into products.
+7 701 081 91 05
Almaty. Kasymova st. 32
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