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We help the leading Kazakhstani companies to create incredible digital products

We help the leading Kazakhstani companies to create incredible applications, products, and services. Within the last three years, we helped many small web-startups and companies create products that are beautiful and simple to use. Perhaps, you did not know that back then, but probably you have used the product, that we had developed. We are one the few agencies in Kazakhstan that can handle the idea of the production from the beginning until the end. From the napkin sketch to the real product. Do you have an excellent idea of a new product which nobody intends to build? We’ve got your back. Client consult us on different stages of product’s life. As a result, we have created versatile team of world-class designers, website and app developers, marketing specialists, project managers and quality control specialists, to guarantee that we can solve ay task We cooperate with other organizations in terms of research, experiments, and development. It prompts the final users from the very beginning

The group focused on innovative solutions, transformations,and business development

Our vision

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life using hi-tech products and services. We intend to become the global leader of quality in this field helping companies and their clients.

  • Monocle
  • Smartcall
  • Intel system
  • Smart recognition
  • Qariz

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A great user interface goes much deeper that just pretty pixels. We create interfaces that are wonderful and intuitively clear at the same time.


A solid foundation is required for each interface. A well-done UX allows us to detect the project development problems, before they become real.


We love when our concepts turn into reality. Whether they are on the Internet, desktop, mobile phone or on all of them, using different languages and platforms.